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Welcome to my website. My new album 'Ice Age' is now available on Bandcamp (CD & Download), Amazon, iTunes (Download) and The Merch Desk (CD). it is also available to stream on Spotify. Feedback and sale shave been very positive so far and you can read some of the reviews here on my site.

My previous album 'This Long Night' was very well received and continues to receive great airplay and positive feedback. All my albums are available from Bandcamp (CD and Download) and all major digital dealers.

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Ice Age 

Ice Age will be released 2nd June 2014 and is available for pre order...I will post more information very soon and have a track from the album playing on my website.

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On 11th November I will be releasing a 3 track EP titled 'Winter' on Bandcamp. It will be available elsewhere but It will be sold on a pay what you want basis on Bandcamp so thats the place to go. Any sales will be used to fund the printing and promotion of the next album.

This is a seasonal EP with 3 quite different songs.
I decided to record this whilst writing for my next album 'Ice Age' as there was a track that didn't fit exactly with the feel of the album and along with a couple of songs that referenced Xmas which I could never have put on a normal album release.
Land of Gloom is a short, fun, upbeat track that at face value is Christmas standard but the lyrics suggest something else.
Silent, Silent Night is an altogether more serious track and the lyrics speak for themselves really.
Reason to Believe was the title track of my 2011 album and I thought it would fit nicely alongside these other songs. However rather than just including it in its original form I have re-recorded a good deal of it and given it a new sound. a song of hope.
Snowman was a track specifically written for 'Ice Age' that on reflection didn't fit with the mood of the album but was too good to discard. Baiscally a love song with Mellotrons!

Work on 'Ice Age' the follow up album to 'This Long Night' is progressing well and is due to be released May 2014.